Pioneers in long line, hand line fishery in the Maldives

One stop solution for all your yellowfin tuna, skipjack tuna, big eye tuna and reef fish products

Ocean Hunter Pvt. Ltd. specializes in the export of fresh tuna products from Maldives.

Established in 2010 over what was a matter of months, Ocean Hunter was quick to attract the attention of well-established competitors that were operating in the industry. Round the clock operations, flawless logistics and an unrivalled commitment implied that Ocean Hunter was levelling shoulders with competitors dominating the Maldivian fisheries export industry.

Dedication to the business given by us has taken Ocean Hunter to heights that any export oriented firm would pride to acclaim.

The objective of Ocean Hunter is to be the market leaders of best quality Maldivian fish produce exports. Out mission is to prodive the market with highest quality products and get them delivered across all lucrative markets. Out vision would be the day when Maldivian fish attracts its deserving price and our fishermen receive their due reward.

Recently accredited with the largest fleet of dedicated fisheries vessels to one entity, Ocean Hunter wishes to expand on its success by expanding its operations to include reef fish within its portfolio.

Ocean Hunter would become local leaders in export of fish, reef fisheries and reef exports - supplementing the proud fisheries industry of Maldives.


Fresh Yellowfin Tuna Loins

As the most exported item that would be processed from the factory, this product category contributes 48% of export revenues and has a yield of 47% of processed quantities. Loins attract relatively a higher market rate against H&G products.

Fresh Headless and Gutted Tuna (H&G)

This category represents the second highest demanded product, representing 26% of export revenues. Additionally, this product category associates a high yield of 91% of the tuna bought – implying the high utility of the product and low wastage.

Fresh Yellowfin Tuna Chunks

Tuna Chunks provide a yield of a low 43% from the tuna bought and represent to be the third most export generating product bearing 9% of export revenues for the operations. Chunks attract the highest market price given the processing involved, priced above all the other categories.

Fresh Gilled and Gutted Tuna (G&G)

Gilled & Gutted reflects the fourth and last category of processed exports that the factory would produce yielding 97%.


Belly pieces represent a by-product of processing for Gilled and Gutted tuna products which are exported.


Trims represent lose leftover cut pieces generated from the export grade quality products processed from the factory. Trims are purchased locally for various purposes such as preparing short eats.

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